Goodlife USA – Best Secret To Travel, Shop & Save Money

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Goodlife USA – Best Secret To Travel, Shop & Save Money For all you people out there that love to travel whether for business or pleasure, I have a great secret to share with you…  and it’s called GoodLife USA. It’s quickly being recognized as the absolute Best Secret to utilize each and every time that you Travel and Shop online to save money. Do you really want to know what this blog post is all about? If so I want you to first scroll to the bottom of this article to review the two videos that I inserted about the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and then come back up here to read more about GoodLife USA. This entire blog article can absolutely be life changing for you on many different levels! ***************************************************************************************************** GoodLife USA is simply an impressive private […]

Happy Groundhog Day from Punxsutawney

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Happy Groundhog Day from Punxsutawney One day you too may be saying, “Happy Groundhog Day from Punxsutawney!” It could be that you feel compelled to make the trip to Punxsutawney Pennsylvania to experience Ground Hog Day firsthand just like Bill Murray in the movie by the same name. Traveling from Detroit to Quebec, and the trip was developed around 2 events. Being at Groundhog Day for Groundhog Day to see Punxsutawney Phil in the flesh with one of them. We;ve all seen Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray and I wanted to take that PA experience in for myself. Together with my buddy Dave @fossores we made it happen. A Life Highlight! You can tell the level of excitement from the video as they document… We are actually in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania. This is a wood carving of Phil behind us. […]

13 Stunningly Beautiful Places In America

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13 Stunningly Beautiful Places In America Want to discover 13 Stunningly Beautiful Places In America? I bet you haven’t heard about the northern part… From Castle Rock in Grove County Kansas to Watkins Glen State Park in New York, here are 13 Stunningly Beautiful Places In America you need to go visit. There are beautiful places all across the USA from coast to coast however I think that you may want to see this video posted below that may very well open your eyes to a few more destinations that will take your breath away once you visit there in person. Number 13 – Skadget Valley Tulip Fields from the northwest portion of the United States find this alluring wonder of Mother Nature inside the lush groves of Washington State. These luscious fields of tulip flowers grow along the Skadget […]

How To Travel Vlog – 4 Steps For Beginners

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How To Travel Vlog – 4 Steps For Beginners How To Travel Vlog – 4 Steps For Beginners is a quick look of how to start a travel vlog. If you were ever interested to maybe start video blogging when you travel across the USA then I would like to share a video that I have discovered that is full of insight and tips to get you started. If you have you ever gone on vacation with family or took a fun trip with friends, this video is for you. Today’s tea time we’re going to tackle four steps to create your first travel vlog. Now I know what you’re thinking, TJ I’m not a travel vlogger. Okay I get it but what is travel vlogging? It’s to video log your experiences right? So think of it as creating video […]

Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival

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Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival If there is one place in the USA to visit that must be listed on your proverbial bucket list… it has to be beautiful Leavenworth Washington located not too far from Seattle. The Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival is simply magical all through the winter season and is one of the top winter attractions in the pacific northwest. The Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Christmas Lighting Festival each year and every season, the town of Leavenworth heralds in the Christmas Holiday season with three full weekends of fun, food and a festive wintertime magical experience for all. The Christmas Lights are turned on starting Thanksgiving weekend and stay on through Valentine’s Day. Thousands of visitors from near and far come from all over the world to participate in celebrating Leavenworth’s quaint little Bavarian Village decked out in […]

10 Best Places to Visit in Florida

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10 Best Places to Visit in Florida When most people think of Florida, they think of sunshine, theme parks, orange juice and alligators. But this former Spanish colony, which became the 27th state to enter the Union, is much more than that. Get ready to see our list of the 10 best places to visit in Florida! Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, it has mile upon mile of white sand beaches. Its moderate climate makes it a popular tourist destination all year round. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Florida. Number 10. Panama City Beach. Panama City Beach on the Florida panhandle offers 27 miles of white sand beaches on the Emerald Coast. The beach is a popular destination for residents of the southern United […]

One Day in Beautiful Charleston, South Carolina

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One Day in Beautiful Charleston, South Carolina Today we are showcasing Traveling Robert’s video, “One Day in Beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.” Robert loves to travel around in his RV visiting destinations all across the USA and today he visits Charleston. While RVing around Charleston, Robert provides us glimpse’s of historic Fort Sumter, the historic houses, the historic churches, cemeteries and so much more. Let’s Allow Robert To Narrate His Video In His Own Words Before we visit this beautiful city of Charleston, let’s enjoy a morning stroll around this beautiful park. Okay, let’s drive to Charleston. The first thing we are going to do today is visit Fort Sumter, and the first ferry departs at nine, and I’m running late. I think we are going to make it in the nick of time. Let’s park here at the aquarium parking […]

Top 10 Travel Destinations At Thanksgiving

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Top 10 Travel Destinations At Thanksgiving When you start thinking about the top 10 travel destinations at Thanksgiving,  you really must consider the impact of some of our favorite Thanksgiving Day related traditions over the years. # 10 – Starts in Colonial Williamsburg as visitors enjoy traditional American fare at a variety of colonial taverns. #9 –  Plymouth Massachusetts is the birthplace of Thanksgiving and hosts America’s hometown Thanksgiving Parade as well as a weekend of holiday festivities number. #8 – Many people travel to the nation’s capital in Washington DC to attend the annual holiday parade and the White House tree lighting ceremony. Also is the traditional presidential turkey pardon event. #7 – Dallas Texas is home to Thanksgiving square and the country’s largest Thanksgiving turkey trot which has been run every year since 1968. The Dallas Cowboys also […]

Travel Destination USA – Milwaukee Wisconsin

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Milwaukee Wisconsin – Welcome to Brew City USA Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is the largest city in the State of Wisconsin and ranked as the 31st most populous city in the United States. Of course in the state of Wisconsin, the land of cheese, brats & beer… Milwaukee offers visitors so much adventure as they explore it’s fascinating culture, history, food and entertainment options. For much of it’s history, Milwaukee was touted as the “beer capital of the world” by being recognized internationally as Brew City USA and is home to some of America’s largest brewers including Pabst, Schlitz, Miller and Blatz that was started by four Beer Barons in the 1800’s. Here’s a great bird’s eye view of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In this aerial photo it looks like Milwaukee is a gleaming metropolis sitting […]

Let’s Multiply and Make Money Fast

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Can Viewing A Cartoon Video… Make You Money Fast? Can viewing a simple 3 minute and 25 second Cartoon Video make you money fast? I now believe YES because I’ve been testing this simple promotion for just over a week now and it’s surprisingly working great! This program is called Let’s Multiply and it’s what many people may classify as a cash gifting type of program but this one is quite unique because of it’s promotional appeal and the method of payment is virtually instant with over 20 payment processing methods including paypal. If you have an appealing promotional video that creates a sense of curiosity… that’s half the challenge of getting viewers to continue clicking your links to review and potentially join your program themselves. Let’s Multiple does just that with a video that puts a viewer in the […]