Top 10 Travel Destinations At Thanksgiving

Top 10 Travel Destinations At Thanksgiving When you start thinking about the top 10 travel destinations at Thanksgiving,  you really must consider the impact of some of our favorite Thanksgiving Day related traditions over the years. # 10 – Starts in Colonial Williamsburg as visitors enjoy traditional American fare at a variety of colonial taverns. #9 –  Plymouth Massachusetts is the birthplace of Thanksgiving and hosts America’s hometown Thanksgiving Parade as well as a weekend of holiday festivities number. #8 – Many people travel to the nation’s capital in Washington DC to attend the annual holiday parade and the White House tree lighting ceremony. Also is the traditional presidential turkey pardon event. #7 – Dallas Texas is home to Thanksgiving square and the country’s largest Thanksgiving turkey trot which has been run every year since 1968. The Dallas Cowboys also […]

Travel Destination USA – Milwaukee Wisconsin

Milwaukee Wisconsin – Welcome to Brew City USA Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is the largest city in the State of Wisconsin and ranked as the 31st most populous city in the United States. Of course in the state of Wisconsin, the land of cheese, brats & beer… Milwaukee offers visitors so much adventure as they explore it’s fascinating culture, history, food and entertainment options. For much of it’s history, Milwaukee was touted as the “beer capital of the world” by being recognized internationally as Brew City USA and is home to some of America’s largest brewers including Pabst, Schlitz, Miller and Blatz that was started by four Beer Barons in the 1800’s. Here’s a great bird’s eye view of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In this aerial photo it looks like Milwaukee is a gleaming metropolis sitting […]

Let’s Multiply and Make Money Fast

Can Viewing A Cartoon Video… Make You Money Fast? Can viewing a simple 3 minute and 25 second Cartoon Video make you money fast? I now believe YES because I’ve been testing this simple promotion for just over a week now and it’s surprisingly working great! This program is called Let’s Multiply and it’s what many people may classify as a cash gifting type of program but this one is quite unique because of it’s promotional appeal and the method of payment is virtually instant with over 20 payment processing methods including paypal. If you have an appealing promotional video that creates a sense of curiosity… that’s half the challenge of getting viewers to continue clicking your links to review and potentially join your program themselves. Let’s Multiple does just that with a video that puts a viewer in the […]

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